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The WRONG way to provide first aid…

Mr. Bean demonstrates first aid providing for a bystander. A MUST see video…

How do emergency essentials aid survival?

Natural disasters and calamities have been happening for millennia and will continue to do so. In fact, the modern day world, with it’s over population and abject disregard to natural environment is at a great risk; more than ever before in the history of humanity, is very ill equipped to deal with calamities. During any given month in a year, there is at least one disaster that happens somewhere in the world. It is definitely wise to plan for a disaster situation and equip ourselves with first aid supplies to increase our chances of survival, should a disaster strike.

People will have to be aware of the types of natural and manmade disasters that they are likely to face. This can be determined based on the history of the locality in which they live in. Survival techniques and emergency essentials will vary according to the type of calamities. Knowledge about the risks and information about the mitigation of these risks play a major part in the contingency planning. Most disaster prone areas would already have a survival guide and a list of emergency essentials that are needed. They also would have demarcated areas for survivors to gather during emergencies.

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The best first aid supply kits

Here are a few emergency kits containing all the required first aid supplies. Those are the most comprehensive and cost-effective kits I found on To purchase any of them or look for further information click the image to go to the product page on amazon.

First Aid Only First Responder Emergency First Aid Kit, 159-Piece Bags

 The best first aid supply kits The best first aid supply kits

This 158pc. comprehensive responder kit contains essential first aid supplies needed in a medical emergency. This 100 denier cordura semi-rigid bag with handle, shoulder strap, side pockets, main compartment has removable divider & pocket, lid has zippered pouch, buckle closure, business card holder, includes CPR devices, dressings, bandages, tapes, biohazard bag, gloves and more. Plus, there’s still room for your own personal medical supplies.

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