What is EMS supply?

EMS supply is the collection of medications, equipment and materials that are used by the emergency response teams. This not only includes basic first aid materials, it also has medical equipment that aids in treatment of victims. EMS supply list is created and maintained by government regulatory organizations. The list of EMS supply items may vary according to the location for which the EMS guide is designed, which also provisions for further specialization. EMS supply lists are segregated into Geo specific, Mishap specific and requirement specific needs. Geo specific guidelines include supplies that counter climatic and geographical threats. For example, earth quake prone areas are required to have trained rescuers, along with rescue equipments.

Mishap specific needs will include EMS supply items that are specifically required for treating the victims of specific mishaps. A good example of this type would be the fire response teams. These teams are equipped with escalator chairs, ropes, fire extinguishing materials, ladders, etc. The medications will also include items for treating burns, smoke inhalation, etc. The emergency equipments will also include burn treatment units, respirators etc. The response team is also properly trained to handle fire related emergencies. Mishap specific emergency units also carry general first aid supplies and can be called upon for emergencies apart from their specialization too.

Requirements specific EMS supply lists cater to specific illnesses and their treatment. Heart patients can call upon specialized units that carry specific first aid supplies. This will include equipment and trained personnel too. EMS supply items can also be bought by the general public for their personal use. The medications and emergency items are in any case, a part of the first aid kits. So, purchasing them off the shelves is not a problem. For purchase and use of specialized equipment, special permissions are required, in certain locations. People interested in buying such equipment can seek the advice of experts and regulatories before buying them.

Emergency teams can be called upon suddenly and will need to go to different locations. They also will need a sturdy vehicle to transport the equipment and first aid supplies. Therefore, the vehicle is also a part of the EMS supply items and there are certain standards that these vehicles need to comply with. These standards can vary according to the location; effectiveness in transportation and maneuverability are primary requirements for these vehicles.

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