What are Survival tools?

Survival tools are those equipment that help people who are left isolated because of natural or manmade calamities. A survival kit is a collection of such tools, which also is compact, portable and easily accessible during emergencies. Calamities cannot be predicted and often are very severe when they strike. It is very difficult for an unprepared person to overcome such a situation and the task becomes very grave without adequate preparedness. Survival tools can help people in overcoming such situations and investing in and maintaining a survival kit is a very prudent decision. Survival tools must be able to fulfill the following needs:

Medical needs: Survival tools are incomplete without the addition of a proper first aid kit. First aid supplies are available in the market, either individually or as a pre-packed collection. These kits contain basic medication like, antibiotics, antifungal, anti bacterial medicines, along with general medicines to treat cuts, burns, ailments, etc. First aid supplies like scissors, bandages, thermometers, splints, etc. are also included in the kits. These survival tools help in treating wounded victims and help them to sustain till professional treatment is administered to them. A proper first aid kit must also be compactly packed and arranged in an orderly manner so that all the items are easily accessible during emergencies, without having to search for each item.

Survival needs: Isolated people will need survival tools to help them tide through the times, till they are rescued. The most important survival tools include; Fire producing items, food and water, shelter and other survival tools. Fire is needed not just for cooking; it is also needed to keep warm, for treatment purposes and sometimes even as a medium of signaling other people. A set of fire proof matches or other types of lighting equipment is most essential. Compressed and dehydrated foods, shelter equipments, multipurpose knives, torches, water bottles, etc. are all a part of the survival kits.

Communication equipment and position indicators: Survival kits can only prolong the sustenance of the people for a few days. It is important to be rescued or to reach a safe location before the first aid supplies and other tools run out. It is therefore important to be equipped with communication equipments like radio, transmitters, etc. to reach out to rescuers. Position indicators like flares, laser beam torches, whistles, mirrors, etc. are also a must to display your location to others. Navigation equipment like compasses, maps, etc. can lead the victims to points of safety from where they can be eventually rescued.

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